R & P History

Reza Mirabi and Sesame Oil History

My name is Reza and my wife’s name is Parya.

My dad had 3 times heart attack so he can not speak well now also Parya dad passed away because of heart problems .we both tried to help our dads through professional doctors, while all doctors said us, it is too late.
Anyway, we learned more and more positive points from this problem. Our dads, our families also a majority of people around the world have the same problem, just Unhealthy Palm Oil.
We are using sesame oil for long ages and we understood sesame oil is one of the healthy oils that you can replace it with Palm oil that is known as a detrimental oil.
we have decided to run a business and produce sesame seed oil in a simple way to help mankind health as well as make a profit through this way. it was our briefly objectives to establish this business.


Parya Ektefaei and Sesame Oil 

As far as I remember, from childhood, I tried to show some love to my body and soul.

Until now I follow up this way as much as I can. Always keeping young skin, fit body and clean mind were my challenges.

As Reza mentioned above, I lost my father because of unhealthy food habits.

Running a business based on healthy oils due to having a sustainable life was the best opportunity for us to fulfill our goals.

by this way not only we can help all people especially Cypriot people to utilize healthy oils, but also it leads a financial resource for us.