the best energizing workout snack

Eat healthy Oatmeal bowl with organic Peanut oil if you would like to keep energy level up while exercising. RandpOil are producing the best quality peanut oil in North Cyprus

Natural Beauty Oils

use black seed oil & sesame oil daily to have healthy skin and hair

Sesame Oil

Another type of oil that is on the list of the healthiest oils is sesame oil. In fact, sesame oil is a rich source of vitamin E and antioxidants, and therefore prevents the common symptoms of skin aging. The fat in this oil is a powerful antioxidant that prevents wrinkles.

Use black seed Oil Daily

How we can use black seed oil daily ?

Mix with honey, milk or salad for a different taste.

It is effective for:

*weight loss


*preventing hair whitening

*strengthening hair

*treating stomach ulcers

*removing kidney stones

Stay Healthy and Enjoy Life with R&P Oil

Vegetable oils or “heart-healthy” oils , are an alternative oil for cooking, a source for skin and hair care . 

Essential Oil

We have packed all essential oils in a small package for you, so you have all of hair care or skincare oils with the cheapest price.

How Use Coconut Oil In The Kitchen

Use Coconut Oil In The Kitchen

  • Put On  your Toast Instead of Butter!
  • Increase the flavor of smoothies!
  • Make a healthy and delicious homemade mayonnaise!
  • Popcorn Topping!
  • For Baking!
  • A unique cream for your coffee!
  • Taste the baked potatoes!

Cold Press Sesame Oil

Cook with Organic and Healthy Oils if you want to look younger 


Try and enjoy this delicious, healthy,  full protein oatmeal bowl with organic coconut oil recipe:

oatmeal , 1 cup
milk , 1 cup
1 tbsp of Coconut Oil( cold press )
Cinnamon and Chia seed
Flax seed (or nuts)Your choice of fruit

Coffee with Coconut Oil to Burn More Fat

Enjoy drinking coffee while you burn more fat , how???? Just add 1 teaspoon Organic coconut oil to your coffee